Installing Flutter and Building Hello World

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework developed by Google. It allows you to build beautiful and efficient mobile apps on both iOS and Android using a single codebase. Before diving into mobile app development with Flutter, you need to install the Flutter SDK on your computer. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing Flutter and building your first "Hello World" app.

Step 1: Install Flutter

To install Flutter, visit the official Flutter website at and download the version compatible with your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux). Once downloaded, unzip the ZIP file and place the Flutter folder in a location of your choice.

Step 2: Set Up Flutter Environment

After installing Flutter, you need to set up the environment variables for the Flutter SDK. Add the path to the Flutter folder to your system's PATH variable, so you can access the Flutter CLI from anywhere in the terminal.

Step 3: Check the Installation

To verify that Flutter is installed correctly, open the terminal and run the command flutter doctor. If you receive the message "Flutter is working fine," it means Flutter is successfully installed and ready to use.

Step 4: Create Hello World App

Now, let's create our first "Hello World" app with Flutter. Open the terminal and run the following command:

flutter create hello_world

The command above will create a directory named "hello_world" containing the basic project structure of a Flutter app.

Step 5: Run the Hello World App

To run the "Hello World" app, navigate into the "hello_world" directory and run the command:

cd hello_world
flutter run

The flutter run command will launch the app on either a virtual device or a real device if you have it connected to your computer.



In this article, you have learned how to install Flutter and create your first "Hello World" app. You are now ready to embark on an exciting journey of mobile app development with Flutter. Keep exploring and building amazing apps with Flutter!