Creating and Displaying Data in ListView with Flutter

In Flutter, you can create and display data using ListView. ListView is a Widget that allows you to create a scrollable list containing components such as ListTile or custom Widgets.

Here is a guide on how to create and display data in ListView:

Create the Data List

First, you need to create the data list that you want to display in the ListView. This list can be a list of strings, objects, or any type of data you want to display.


List<String> dataList = [
  'Item 1',
  'Item 2',
  'Item 3',
  'Item 4',
  'Item 5',

Create ListView and Display Data

Next, you can create a ListView and display the data using the ListView.builder constructor. This allows you to build the list based on the number of items in the data list.


  itemCount: dataList.length,
  itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) {
    return ListTile(
      title: Text(dataList[index]),

In the example above, we create a ListView with itemCount as the number of items in the dataList. Each item will be displayed in a ListTile with the corresponding title.

Using ListView with Custom List

Besides using ListView.builder, you can also use ListView to display a custom list by providing custom Widgets inside the ListView.


  children: => ListTile(title: Text(item))).toList(),

In the example above, we use the map method to transform each item in the dataList into a ListTile containing the corresponding title.



ListView is a powerful Widget in Flutter that allows you to create and display lists of data easily. By using ListView, you can display lists of items as desired and provide a better user experience in your app.