Customization and Extensibility with Mediasoup-client

To customize and extend Mediasoup-client, you can follow these steps:

Customize Transport Configuration

When creating a Transport, you can customize configurations such as rtcMinPort and rtcMaxPort to define the port range used for RTC (Real-Time Communication) connections

const worker = await mediasoup.createWorker();
const router = await worker.createRouter({ mediaCodecs });
const transport = await router.createWebRtcTransport({
  listenIps: [{ ip: '', announcedIp: YOUR_PUBLIC_IP }],
  rtcMinPort: 10000,
  rtcMaxPort: 20000


Create Customized Producer and Consumer

You can create customized Producer and Consumer to control aspects like codecs, resolutions, bitrates, and more.

For example, to create a Producer with VP9 codec and 720p resolution, you can use:

const producer = await transport.produce({
  kind: 'video',
  rtpParameters: {
    codecMimeType: 'video/VP9',
    encodings: [{ maxBitrate: 500000 }],
    // ... other parameters
  // ... other options


Use Plugins

Mediasoup-client allows you to use plugins to extend its functionality.

For example, you can create a plugin to handle custom logic when a Producer or Consumer is created. Here's a simple example of creating a plugin to handle Producer events:

const MyProducerPlugin = {
  name: 'myProducerPlugin',
  onProducerCreated(producer) {
    console.log('A new producer was created:',;
    // Perform custom logic here



Utilize Advanced Features

Mediasoup-client provides advanced features such as Simulcast, SVC (Scalable Video Coding), Audio Level Control, and more. You can explore and use them based on your project requirements.

For example, to use the Simulcast feature, you can create a Producer with different spatial and temporal layers:

const producer = await transport.produce({
  kind: 'video',
  simulcast: [
    { spatialLayer: 0, temporalLayer: 2 },
    { spatialLayer: 1, temporalLayer: 1 },
    { spatialLayer: 2, temporalLayer: 1 },
  // ... other options


Customizing and extending Mediasoup-client allows you to control and customize various aspects of real-time communication in your application. By utilizing configurations, plugins, and advanced features, you can create a tailored experience that meets the specific requirements of your project.