Introduction to Design Pattern in Laravel

In Laravel, one of the popular PHP frameworks, there are a number of Design Pattern built in and used to help you build applications in an easier and more organized way. Here are some important Design Pattern that Laravel uses:

MVC (Model-View-Controller)

MVC is a fundamental Design Pattern in Laravel. It helps separate the logic for data handling (Model), user interface (View), and control flow management (Controller). This separation makes your codebase easier to manage, extend, and maintain.

Service Container and Dependency Injection

Laravel uses the Service Container to manage application components such as objects, classes, and dependencies. Dependency Injection is used to flexibly provide dependencies to classes, enabling loose coupling and ease of changes.

Facade Pattern

Facades in Laravel provide a simple interface to complex application components. They allow you to access features of complex classes using a static and memorable syntax.

Repository Pattern

Laravel encourages the use of the Repository Pattern to manage database queries. The Repository Pattern helps separate query logic and database operations from other components of the application.

Observer Pattern

Laravel provides the Observer Pattern to track and react to changes in object states. This allows you to automate tasks when specific changes occur.

Strategy Pattern

Laravel uses the Strategy Pattern in its Authentication mechanism, enabling easy swapping of authentication methods used by the application.

Factory Pattern

The Factory Pattern in Laravel helps create complex objects in a simple and flexible manner. It allows you to create objects without needing to know the specific way they are instantiated.

Singleton Pattern

Some crucial components in Laravel are implemented using the Singleton Pattern. For instance, the App class acts as a singleton to provide access to services and resources in the application.

Understanding these Design Pattern will assist you in building better and more maintainable Laravel applications.