Essential Services for Building an E-Commerce Platform

To build an e-commerce platform, you need to create a range of services to manage different functions of the application. Here are some important services you may need to create:

Product Management Service

This involves managing product information. It can include adding, modifying, deleting products, and displaying product lists.

Order Management Service

This service tracks and manages orders. It may include order creation, updates, cancellations, and displaying order information.

Payment Service

This deals with processing payments from buyers. This service may integrate with various payment gateways to enable credit card payments, e-wallets, and other methods.

User Management Service

This service manages user information, including registration, login, account management, and updating personal details.

Shopping Cart Service

This involves managing a buyer's shopping cart, allowing them to add and remove products, calculate totals, and select delivery addresses.

Review and Comment Management Service

This service manages information about reviews and comments from buyers about products.

Search and Product Filtering Service

This service allows users to search for products and apply filters to display relevant results.

Statistics and Reporting Service

This service generates reports and statistics about the application's activities, such as revenue, site visits, popular products, etc.

Customer Management Service

This includes managing customer information, communication, support, and issue resolution.

Shipping and Delivery Management Service

This service involves managing the shipping and delivery process for orders.

Advertising and Marketing Service

This includes advertising products, promotions, surveys, and marketing efforts.

Depending on the scale and specific requirements of the project, you may need to create additional or customized services to fully address all the functions of the e-commerce platform.