Choosing the Right 'changefreq' in XML Sitemap

In an XML Sitemap file, you can use the "changefreq" (change frequency) attribute to indicate the expected frequency of changes on each page in your Sitemap. However, the change frequency is not a critical factor for search engines, and its setting depends on the nature of your website. Here are some guidelines you can consider:


Use this when you believe the page is updated frequently and you want to signal to search engines to check it regularly. However, ensure that there is indeed frequent updating on the page.


Use for pages that are updated every hour. However, this typically applies to websites with rapidly changing content.


This is a common option for most websites. It indicates that the page is updated on a daily basis.


Use when your website does not update frequently, but you want search engines to check for updates weekly.


Suitable for websites with infrequent content changes, usually updated on a monthly basis.


Often used for websites with minimal changes, updated on an annual basis.


Use when you don't want search engines to revisit the page.

However, it's important to note that while you can use "changefreq," not all search engines use this value to determine the revisiting frequency. Search engines usually rely on the actual behavior of the website to determine update frequency.